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Reverence for Mary

Holy Hill is dedicated to Mary's honor under the title Mary - Help of Christians. Many people wonder why the Catholic Church has such great reverence for Mary. The simple reason is that she is the mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and since we honor our own mothers, all the more reason to honor His. The Catholic Church, however, carries greater depth of meaning in its Marian tradition. In order to understand why great recognition is given to Mary, we must understand the nature of her Son. Mary's son is the Divine Logos in full humanity. Jesus of Nazareth is the incarnate Word of God - the Word made Flesh. Mary is the Theotokos the God-Bearer. She allowed the Divine Logos to take on human flesh within her body by the power of the Holy Spirit. It was she who brought Jesus into the World (the Incarnation) that He might redeem all mankind. With her Fiat - "let it be", she said yes to God and by this act of faith, enfleshed the Second Person of the Triune God (Lk 1:38). She became the mother of the Second Person of the Trinity who is God not in part but in whole - who is man not in part but in whole. She is justly called the Mother of God because Jesus Christ is Lord and He is her son. She is the God-Bearer because she brings her Son to all humanity (Council of Ephesus, A.D. 431).

In praise to the Lord, throughout time society has attempted to express the eternal love of the Father through the gifted hands of the artist. In keeping with this tradition, Holy Hill is privileged to house two beautiful representations of His love. They are the monstrance titled The Glory of Mary and the shrine statue, Our Lady of Holy Hill.

Designed by Friars Adrian Cooney and Damien Pugh, O.C.D. and Fr. Richard Fale, a diocesan priest, and titled The Glory of Mary, this monstrance is an artistic work of love used to present Mary's son to us in the Blessed Sacrament at Benediction. Through the generosity of many who donated precious stones and metals, and of one who assumed the cost of workmanship, the monstrance is a wealth of Christian symbolism in keeping with the entire shrine.

Within the monstrance, the consecrated host is held in a diamond-set wreath of golden roses and is surrounded by thirty-three simulated rubies signifying the earthly life of Christ. On the outer rim the lettering reads, Ave Verum Corpus Natum De Maria Virgine - Hail, True Body, Born of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The main cross design displays the symbols of God the Father (the Blessing Hand); Mary, in her title Mystical Rose (the spray of roses), and St. Joseph, guardian of Jesus and His mother (represented by the sheaf of lilies). A brilliant diamond below the hand of the Father represents the perfection of the Trinity. Rays extending from it represent the flow of Divine Grace through Christ in the Eucharist to the carved-ivory dove (symbol for the Holy Spirit). These rays continue to the statue of Mary to show her privilege in bringing the source of all healing power to the world on which she stands. Her halo of diamonds represents her charisms: the Immaculate Conception (she was exempt from all contamination that is sin), confirmation in grace, divine maternity, perpetual virginity, the miraculous birth of her Son, her holy death, her incorruptibility, the Assumption, the Coronation and her mediation of graces. The base is embellished with a vine design embodying her genealogy, reproducing part of that which is engraved on the front of the Shrine Alter. The inscription on the base of the monstrance reads: "Radix Jesse, Germinans Flosculum", 0 Root of Jesse, Bringing Forth the Flower."

The excellent craftsmanship done by the Szchwarzmann Company of Trier, Germany, and the elegant diamond setting done by Bokoski and Zarder of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, result in a masterpiece of sacred art that will always be a testimony of Mary's glory, her Divine Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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